What Started as Hookup on Passfeed is now a Real Thing

College life is only great if you know what it takes to make it fun. The most common way to do this would be the college hookup culture. It is estimated that most people would discover most of their sexuality while in college. That is what happened to me. I was not always an outgoing guy for a while, I was still thinking maybe my high school relationship would go on for a while. I was just in denial not knowing what to do with my love life anymore.

Personally, I have always known that hookups would happen in the environment near me,  that is either in college or at some local bar. That changed when some of my friends introduced me to this awesome Passfeed app. The app claims to share with you people in your area who are looking to be friends or something more. It is a social app that led to me to now believe in hooking up online is possible. Of course, at first I was skeptical. I had heard stories before about meeting people online who were not actually who they were as the online profile stated. Since most of my friends were having a fun time, I told myself why not try it.

I had to ask my friends what is the best way to get memorable hookups with Passfeed. I was advised to have my location settings to where I was in order to have some fun times. Well, I knew it is not always about hookups even when the app is here to help me have some fun. There is always the need to have a connection to make the most of it. This called for me to check out a number of profiles from the app. Many people have created amazing profiles on Passfeed stating what they liked and disliked, interests and so many other things. All I had to do is find someone who had similar interests as I did. Such a person would be easy to meet on a middle ground on some things. 

So after a while, I ended up liking the profile of this hot girl called Sandra Graber. Well, as a guy I had to make my move. I sent her a message and crossed my fingers hoping for a reply. After a day, I felt like maybe she did not like me as she had not replied. The following day I received a message from Sandra claiming that she had not been online and she was sorry for the late reply. I knew she was already feeling guilty for the late reply. I took advantage of that and made sure we exchanged more contacts for easier communication. A week later, we had our first date at a college party since she also in the same campus. You know college kids, a party is a great place to meet up too as a date.Now, we are both done with our last semester and waiting for our graduation. What had started online between two people who were interested in a hookup, it is now a great relationship. Truly, Passfeed is among the best app for college hookups.