What Are Virgin Hair Extensions?

Virgin hair is a term used quite frequently in the Hair Extension industry. The unprocessed variety of human hair which women can dangle as extended hair-locks to enhance or alter their appearance for an image change can suit the description of the Lace Front Wigs. Virgin hair never undergoes coloring, bleaching or the perm processing and that it how it qualifies as 100 % natural. Also the hair has to be sourced through humans under the virgin hair category. Additionally, the hair is collected from a single donor and the most common countries pertaining to their origin include ¨C Brazil, Malaysia, India and China ¨C when talking of the virgin hair extension.

The hair cuticles must also be running in the same direction so the hair does not get knotted or tangled. The cuticles of the hair should also be intact in order to call it superior quality virgin hair.  Pure virgin hair is natural and chemical-free. Blow-dried hair is not considered to be virgin hair. Virgin hair extensions are premium hair decorative products which are used even by celebrities to get luscious long locks.

Virgin hair and Remy hair are used synonymously but differences exist between the terms. Virgin hair can be classified under Remy hair but Remy hair is not always virgin hair. The cuticles are suitably placed so they remain aligned as far as the Remy hair is concerned. Also there is a specific manner in which the Remy hair is harvested. The Remy treatment can be imparted to the virgin and non-virgin varieties of hair. Therefore Virgin hair and Remy hair cannot be termed as similar.

Virgin hair extensions may be difficult to procure but obtaining these products can have long-lasting benefits when compared to the other hair extension varieties. However you need to take good care of the Full Lace Wigs to maximize their potential with respect to improving your overall look. www.mynicehair.com.

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