Dr.RobiLudwig Helps You See Beyond The Sensation

Each time there is sensational news on the national or the regional front, it will be followed by analysis by a team of experts on the Television. And when it comes to the psychological analysis and talking about the behind the scene factors that may have influenced the act, the name Dr. Robi Ludwig is prominent. She is one of the most prominent commentators on all leading channels when it comes to analysis of the human mind and their possibilities. A familiar face on the national networks for over a couple of decades, Dr. Robi gives purposeful insights.

The well-knownRobi Ludwig is a person who takes you beyond the sensational news and gives clear perspective of the whats and whys of an issue that are easy to ignore and make mistaking judgments. Her expertise in the field comes not just from the academic laurels that she has behind her, but from the personal touch over the years that she has had with real people. Her extensive experience in the field of counseling and treating people at the beginning of her career gives her a lucid insight into the situation and makes intelligent analysis possible. Her analysis provides clarity on several situations that have baffled many.

Dr. Robi has been a renowned TV personality for long with her association with  a few of the channels where she regularly appears  making her contribution in the field of psycholoanylsis. Her shows are aimed athelping people see the problem, see and understand the situation from a different angle that will help in improving the quality of their lives. Her clear analysis and simple projection of the working of the human mind and the nature makes her a much sought after analyst. Her degree in psychology helps her to give non-judgmental comments that are especially helpful.

Her contribution to the society as a counsellor and psychotherapist has not remained confined to the walls of the TV channels alone, but also crossed borders over to making acontribution to leading magazines as well. Her best-selling book has earned her much fame in the field of marital problems as she carefully sheds insight intothe working of the criminal minds in marriages leading to the worst domestic violence. Her contribution to the society in terms of the written media is immense when you see her contribution to some of the leading magazines.

Despite her name and fame doctor robiludwig is a very caring and supports people who approach her for help and it is simply difficult not to adore her. Even the call-in reality show that she has hosted was aimed to help people across the country, and she did just that with clean analysis and most helpful suggestion to improve their lives. Her current work with adults is aimed at helping them to overcome a host of disorder and relationship problem using her cognitive bahviour therapy ans the solution focused brief therapy. Her relationshio with the television media continues with her active collaboration on reenactment of maritial homicide case serial.