Passfeed Made Me Reconnect With A Long Lost Friend For Some Good Time

There is always the fuss about people dating online. Personally, I do not find it wrong if someone can go out with someone he or she met online. It is all about going ahead with the changes around us. It is not like we are still in the 80s where online dating was unthinkable. We are in a new century where people are always willing to embrace what technology has to offer. Most of the time, I do believe that it is through Passfeed online dating that a person can hookup or date someone that they really like based on their profile. Although some people can lie on their profile, that is not always the case though. There are plenty of great people using online platforms to find friends and love too.

Mine is more of a fate rather than starting from scratch. It is about this guy called Mike. We grew up together, went to the same school when kids before we actually moved to a different city. For me, I always liked him because he was simple, caring and cute too. It is only later, after many years when in college that we met again. This time it was not on the street, but rather through Passfeed.

Passfeed is a great social networking app that helps you to interact with as many people as you wish. The app is now popular in America and the world with over 40 million users. Those are quite many people sharing information on one platform. It was through this app that I got reconnected to my friend Mike. We immediately started to connect and catch up on what had changed over the years. We shared photos just to see how we had also changed over time. He was not disappointing at all. He was still the humble that I knew back when I was just a kid.

After chatting for a week, it was time we exchanged numbers for easy communication. Well, I could tell that he was into me since he could stop calling me every chance he could get. I even confessed to him that he was doing it too much, but I liked it. With this level of relaxation, it was time that we met since he had also moved to the same city that I was staying. He took me out to grab a bite and that is when he made his move. I knew he always wanted to do it, but his timing was just perfect to me. I could also come clean about him too.

I was like a teen again with all the excitement of dating someone that I liked since we were kids. I know a couple of my friends who use Passfeed for regular hookups. If you are into hookups, this can be a perfect app for you to meet many people who are looking for a great time. For me, I was satisfied that Passfeed had helped me get back together with a great friend and now we are dating. Let us see where it goes, but for now, it is great.

Summary: Passfeed is a great social networking that helps you to interact with as many people as you wish. It can make you reconnet with a long lost friend for dating.