How SEO Brings Traffic to Your Website via Keyword Rankings

In the world of SEO, all a website needs is to be on the top rankings of the search pages of Google. This is because when a website is on top of the page rankings, the better exposure it has in the eyes of the people who made the search. These people are not just searching for information; they are looking for products and services that they might purchase. Hence, if your website is the first these people would see, the more likely will visit your page.

So how can you use SEO to boost your site’s page rankings? One of the primal ways to make this possible is by means of optimized keyword rankings.  

Keyword ranking pertains to the keywords that best describe the nature of your website and at the same time the most used words and phrases in search queries. The process of keyword ranking requires some research, but once the best words are selected and use on your site, the higher your page ranking becomes.

One of the most important benefits of keyword ranking is that it attracts organic website traffic. Your site gains traffic from actual queries, and not just through link building. Hence, the traffic you get comes from real people, those who made a search using the keywords on your site.

Keyword ranking also redirects your visitors to the specific pages of your website in which the used keywords are most relevant. In essence, visitors get to see the information they’ve been looking for right on the page where it should be found.

Another reason why keyword ranking is highly important is because this is where search engines base the value of your website. If your site is filled with rather broad keywords, it will not pass the standards of search engine algorithms, thus leaving it at the lower rankings.

 True, being on the first page of Google already makes a difference, as even your site is at #10 of the page ranking, it still receives up to 143% more traffic than the site at the #11 spot, which is found on top of the Google’s second page.

Most of all, if your website ranks the top search pages of Google using keyword rankings, the higher the potential for your site to receive greater traffic as compared to being at the lower rankings. However, being on the top sport of the first page of Google matters a lot. The numbers say so. Just think about it: sites that are #1 in the rankings receive up to 42% of the clicks generated on the first page of a Google search, which is a huge jump from what the second in the rankings receive, which is only 11.9%.

Keyword ranking is more than an option; it’s a necessity for your site to achieve its goals through SEO.

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