Affordable And Custom Made Pancake Slip Rings

There are various types of slip rings that are very much useful for people who need such parts. A pancake slip ring is just another type of these rings that can be found in various sizes that will meet all the different requirements of the applications. All the conductors are arranged on the flat disc like concentric rings that are centered on the rotating shaft. As there are so many types of slip rings it is evident that all of them have a different function and usage. Each and every one of these rings is distinctively different and have various advantages. So if you are buying any of these, you need to consider the usage and the application where you want to use them.

It is really important to make the right decision and choose the ring that is meant for your device. Otherwise, it will not work or fit with the device, and you will just waste your money. This is why all the companies that sell such parts have their engineers who are willing to assist the buyers to understand which one they require for their device. It is essential to use the right parts for any device otherwise it would be dysfunctional, and the other parts may also get affected by the wrong slip rings. So if you are buying Pancake Slip Rings, then it is best that you consult with these people before you finalize the buy.

These people are online all day and night so you can ask them through the live chats, or you can also mail them about your requirements. The customer service team and the sales engineers in such companies are so dedicated and helpful that they will respond instantly to your queries. Not only this, all these companies provide custom made services to anyone who needs special slip rings for any application or device.

So if you cannot find anything that you need in the catalog of the company then all you have to do is inform the team about your requirements and they will manufacture a slip ring for you that will surely meet all your requisites. The configuration of the pancake rings is done in such a way that they have a great weight as well as volume for the same circuit. They have many other features like great capacitance as well as crosstalk and a good brush wear. These rings can even collect the wear debris readily on the vertical axis.

But the best thing about a pancake is that the axial length is much more reduced which is appropriate for some application. You will also find Fiber Optical Rotary Joint with these companies if you are in need of any such parts. Such connectors are designed specifically to meet any demanding requirement that the buyer may have. It is tested for all types of rugged environments and will deliver a great optical performance. Such rotary joints are the best technical solution for anyone who needs help with data transmission. It will not only simplify the system operation and improve the mechanical properties but will also reduce damaging of the fiber due to operation.