Dilwale Box Office Collection Will Swipe All Other Previous Records

Bollywood movies are not just important, but it has become a craze on a global basis. Hindi movies are extremely important, and a perfect mix of comedy, romance, thrill and even some action. In Bollywood world, Shah Rukh Khan and Kajol are considered to be the two most prominent actors and with years of experience. Their Jodi has become an important one and with loads of fan followers. After years of working together and offering some hit films, Kajol took a break from her Bollywood career to concentrate on her family grounds. Shah Rukh Khan, also known as King Khan, has worked a lot and have created some films, as well. Now, this Jodi is back together for their upcoming release Dilwale.

Yet to be released in the second half of 2015, Dilwale has already win over millions of hearts, thanks to its outstanding trailer. Apart from the hit Jodi of Shah Rukh Khan and Kajol, this film is also set on two new actors of this modern generations, VarunDhawan and  KritiSanon in leading roles. It is a reliable film by RohitShetty and placed under Red Chillis Enterprises. This film is yet to provide a huge craze among the much awaited fans.

Expectation is placed on a higher scale when it comes to Dilwale Box Office Collection, right now. This film is about to cross all limits and create a huge records in this arena of Bollywood zone. The comeback Jodi of king Khan and Kajol is the finest plus point, which made people glued to its trailers for long. It was a surprising news when the announcement was first made, and this film never looked back since then. Tickets are getting sold like hot cakes and the reason is not unknown for anyone. Such a huge response was somehow unexpected, as per the director of the film, even though; he clearly thought of a smashing hit list.

RohitShetty is a renowned Bollywood director, with so many hits under this kitty. He is known to have worked with various leading Bollywood star, and almost all of his movies were a smashing hit in Bollywood circle. He was also known for creating a movie with Shah Rukh Khan before, titled as Chennai Express, which was accepted by audience whole heartedly. Therefore, everyone is waiting for his next film to release with great anticipation. With such a huge expectation from not just Indian audience but from the NRIs too, the director of this film is now facing a huge pressure!

As per the latest sensation report, the trailer of Dilwale has been a smashing hit among all, and the team crew is expecting the same reaction for the film, as well. It is likely to be a much awaited film of 2015, and will swipe all other records in no time. with such a hit couple behind screen and directed by such a talented director, this film is definitely going to win over millions from day one. Releasing on same date all over India, all the bigger multiplexes and even small halls will feature this film for their wide audiences.