Contemporary Krampus: 70+ Artists Gather to Put Modern-Day Spin on Image (and Devilish Reputation!) of the “Alpine Christmas Demon”

Created and compiled by the “Curator Of Curiosities”, Mike Drake, ‘Contemporary Krampus: A Modern Look At An Ancient Legend’ sees over fifty artists from around the world collaborate to publish newly-created images of Krampus - a horned, anthropomorphic figure who punishes misbehaving children during the holiday season. While Drake’s volume may defy convention beyond description, it provides a much-needed refresh to a legendary figure who has rarely been depicted in art for the past century. Be good this Christmas, because Krampus is coming to town…

New York City, NY – It’s no wonder Time Out New York magazine once called Mike Drake a "Curator Of Curiosities", and The Huffington Post has referred to his personal art collection as "shocking" – he’s a connoisseur of the unconventional whose passions also stretch as far as Krampus. Who? – The “Alpine Christmas Demon” who visits each December to punish the naughty – of course!

Don’t worry if the name rings no bells, as that’s exactly Drake’s point; the ancient legend of Krampus is still finding its feet among modern society. On that note, most artistic depictions of the horned demon date back over one hundred years, inspiring Drake to embark on another quirky yet strangely-fascinating new project.

‘Contemporary Krampus: A Modern Look At An Ancient Legend’ brings together over fifty artists from around the world under one cover to showcase modern impressions of Krampus himself. This has to be the most unique new release of 2015!


For the 1st time ever, Contemporary Krampus gathers more than seventy diverse artists from around the globe to create new images of Krampus. From renowned artists like Angus Oblong to up and comers like Minjoon Kim, each image has been hand selected by curator of curiosities and Krampus aficionado Mike Drake.

Gather your gingerbread,
sharpen a candy cane,
secure the windows,
bolt the door,
summon all your courage,
and let the artists of Contemporary Krampus
show you what lurks in the shadows
on cold winter nights.

“I first discovered Krampus through Juxtapoz magazine in 1997 and, while I thought it was a joke, I quickly came to realize that he was exactly the kind of anti-hero modern society needed back in its life!” explains Drake. “This set me off, as these things do, in a passionate nationwide frenzy to broaden Krampus’ appeal. My efforts, ranging from making my own Krampus cards to setting up a website and even writing so many letters to Rankin-Bass trying to convince them to make a new Krampus- themed holiday special that they had their lawyer write me a stern letter! But a strange thing happened; I thought Krampus just wasn’t catching on, until he started popping up in the most unexpected of places.”

Continuing, “From his appearance on The Venture Brothers holiday special to American Dad, an Anthony Bourdain-created animated movie and even Jimmy Fallon’s show, it became evident that this guy was starting to catch on! Before I knew it, Living Dead Dolls produced a Krampus doll, he started appearing on sweaters and news popped up that Kevin Smith is reportedly working on a full-length movie. But there was just one problem – virtually all existing Krampus artwork was vintage, with some dating back over a century. I decided it was time to put a modern spin on his image, and thus this project was born.”

Drake threw himself at what would ultimately become one of the biggest projects of his career.

“When nobody has heard of Krampus, imagine how I felt tasked with finding over seventy artists around the world that were familiar enough with him to create their own modern Krampus, with all of the energy and vibe of the 21st century. We got there, but watch your back this Christmas – Krampus could be paying you a visit if you’re on Santa’s “naughty list!” he adds.

‘Contemporary Krampus: A Modern Look At An Ancient Legend’ is due for release on October 21st. Copies can currently be pre-ordered from Amazon:

Those brave enough to meet Mike Drake in person can do so at the Ripley's Believe It Or Not Times Square location on Halloween (10/31), where he will be signing copies of his book and even giving away a life-sized Krampus!

About the Author:

Mike Drake is the author of six books on such diverse topics as haiku and Halloween In New York. His artwork has been displayed in numerous exhibits worldwide including MOMA's PS1 in New York. He has been immortalized in the Ripley's Believe It Or Not daily comic strip and has appeared on numerous television programs including Oddities. Time Out New York magazine once called him a "Curator Of Curiosities" and The Huffington Post has referred to his collection as "shocking".

He lives in New York city and wants you to send him any old prosthetic limbs you may have sitting around the house.

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