Second Chance To Online Dating And Hooking Up With Passfeed

Talk about giving yourself a second chance with Passfeed online hooking up and dating. Before I used to set up an account on various online dating platforms just to have some fun hooking and that was it. Things were different when I started dating. I tried dating but it seemed not to work for me. When I was all about hooking up and nothing else, I never minded if the person who showed up was not really as I expected. Any college student would not mind meeting up for some fun time. When looking for someone serious to date, lying about who you are is not an option.


I always felt like if someone lied on their profile, then they had more to lie about. I could not start dating such people any more. I guess I was growing up and need to cool off with the hooking up stuff. The disappointments did not stop, I used to think that online dating was now just a myth. I had to hang my gloves for a while and chill off. I just used the regular online social networks such as Facebook and Twitter to interact with my friends. As much as I was having all the friends that I have always wanted, something was still missing. I had into get back to dating again.

This time I was going to choose my platform well. No more choosing a platform that was known for having the worst pretenders. So I came across Passfeed a decent social networking app. The app had a number of good reviews so I decided to check it out and see what it had to offer. I could even see some people stating that they had found their long lost friends while others had found love. That was interesting to me too. I never thought that people were actually getting love in these college hookup apps and websites.

Once I had set up my profile, it was time to scan through to see what the app was hoarding all this time. I came across a number of great profiles, but there was one that caught my eye. I had to send out a message to the hot girl. I did get my reply in a few hours. Now this was onto a great start. It was after few chats, we then decided to get in touch more often. The first time we talked on the phone, we talked for a cool two hours! This was a great time to share about each other without any boundaries.

I would say even our first date was relaxed. It will not have all the pressures that most people would face, especially if they do not know each other. I finally had to admit that even as a college student who was used to online hookups, there was no doubt that I could still find love from the same platforms. I do love Passfeed as it has a sleek design, and a number of great features that other apps do not have.

Summary: Talk about giving yourself a second chance with Passfeed online hooking up and dating.