Speed Up Your Metabolism to Get Rid Of Extra Fat

19/01/2013 12:44

One of the most complex systems of human body is the metabolism. Many people are overweight and are struggling with endless dieting without success. The critical factor is their slow metabolism. You would wonder some people go on eating as much they can yet they are slim and trim. The only reason behind it is their high rate of metabolism. If your metabolism is slow you are not burning extra calories that you intake to form energy, instead you obese. The key success to weight loss is increasing your body metabolism. A question may be haunting your mind how to speed metabolism up?


What does metabolism mean? The metabolism is a process by which human body burn calories. When we eat and digest we are burning out the fat to produce energy. This also hold true when you are engaging yourself to physical activities. The term BMR or basal metabolic rate signifies how much calories your body burn when it is in resting state. Different person has a different metabolic rate. If your body metabolism is sluggish your body will retain most of the fat. This will lead to weight gain. There are certain factors that slow down your metabolism; you need to be aware of them. Moreover your lifestyle plays a vital role that impacts your metabolism rate.


So the question is how to speed up metabolism? The diet you intake is most important factor. You should eat healthy and balanced diet. Try avoiding food that has lot of sugar. If you already have a bad eating habit then you may have stored toxins in your body that have surely slowed your body metabolism rate. Some people go for extreme dieting thinking that if they eat less or starve they would be able to get rid of the extra fat quickly. But this is a misconception. When suddenly you start dieting your body goes into the starvation mode that is your body tends to retain the fat instead of burning them. What you need to speed up metabolism is, stick to a consistent plan and eat healthy food. Extreme dieting will oppose your weight loss goals. Along with proper dieting you need adequate sleep or rest to increase the metabolism. When you are rested your body naturally burn more calories. Taking too much rest would hamper your BMR. When you are stressed, your body secrets a hormone called Cortisol, it would slow down your metabolism and your excess fat would be visible in your abdomen areas.  Other factor that does not include in your life style but is important in slowing the metabolism rate is underactive thyroid. Moreover metabolism is genetic; it is such a factor that cannot be controlled.


There are ways to increase your metabolism. Exercising for 20 -30 min 3-4 times in a week is very effective. Building up lean muscles with weight exercises will help you to attain higher metabolism rate. Try not to avoid your breakfast and make healthy eating habits and you would see that losing weight was never such a tedious job as you think. Eat healthy and stay healthy.


What you need to speed up metabolism is, stick to a consistent plan and eat healthy food. For More Information On Best Way To Speed Up Metabolism  Visit tospeedupmetabolism.com