New Condo Launch for a better living in the middle of the City

20/01/2013 17:42

Individual house units in the city are generally almost historically in the current urban world. Very few people can afford to buy a large house in the middle of the city with a large plot of land. Using the increasing real estate costs and inflation, new condo launches are the new age residences. Basically a condo is an apartment that you just own. Although you very own the house area, you have to share the halls and parking with your fellow owners. This assists the people who have a lower budget to purchase a house.


Buying a new condominium is very easy as there are several options. But you have to be sure a few things before you make an alternative. Many people confuse involving the terms "condominium" and "apartment". Although a new condo is identical to a new apartment, normally a condo development could possibly have more communal establishments but may not be positioned as ideally being a prime city condominium.


There are many condominiums being built in Singapore. This is because of the newest Singapore Integrated Resort, Theme park and Casino, which were opened in 2010. There is also the new double helix bridge which ties in with the Super Trees that is to be planted at the new and refurbished marina front. This has created an influx of foreign investment into Singapore.


New condo launch units are good for home stay include Verdana villas, Estri villas, cyan, tri-light. These carry 2 and 3 bedrooms and penthouses which are ideal for a family of 3 and 4.


Getting the choice units at lowest prices


1. Pre launch

Developers will provide prelaunch rates in order to get the 1st apartments sold. As such, consumers can be found queuing up the night before to get the option units they want. Normally buyers will palm a check to a broker company that will take care of the transaction on their behalf. Purchase is always through a marketing firm by using the right contacts will get discounted pricing.


2. Speaking with the developer about the pricing

Even though you have missed out on the prelaunch, it's still easy to get a discount of $25psf from the unit costs. Especially if you're planning to obtain a 4 bedroom or penthouse unit, one of the larger units, developers often can be flexible. Both the bedrooms are often considerably contested for, especially the units that are out of the WEST setting sun.


3. Subscribe to mailing lists

If you are into property with regard to investments, then it is best if you get on the e-mail lists to be informed of latest property launches. Then you're able to have time to plan from the finances and decide before whether getting a product is suitable for your unique circumstances.


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