Marble Run – Latest trend of Quercetti Super Marble Run and Quadrilla

08/10/2012 05:12

Nowadays, marble run toys are widely acceptable by parents compare to other plastic toys. Such toys are designed to give fun as well as educate to children. So, it key play role in increase thinking power of child make such toys more favorite in market. Today, in this phase we will share about Quadrilla and Quercetti Super Marble Run.

Quadrilla Marble Run:

Quadrilla’s marble run toys come in wooden. Moreover, quadrille is famous for its collection of variety of pieces. Apart form it Quadrilla Twist 107 pieces set won a Platinum award in 2006 for best education toy.  As Quadrilla toys come with many pieces it lets children to use their mind for all different pieces to build unlimited types of constructions. In this way such toys help your child’s problem solving and innovation skills. Quadrilla Twist toy is designed for children aged 4 and above.

Its varieties of blocks offer unusual functions so children will have to work out what order to put them to construct the right combination from getting the marbles from top to bottom. We are agree that compare to plastic toy such Quadrilla wooden toys are expensive; however, parents are pretty agreed in their praise for Quadrilla. Moreover, many parents by surprise are how large the Quadrilla sets are because the product pictures don’t give the wooden marble kit any sense of size.

This Quadrilla Twist marble run toys includes 107 pieces. This toy is designed to focus more on twists as well as curves. In this case marbles are entering in accelerators and funnel to speed them up as well as chutes to transport them to new levels. Furthermore, it comes with large supply of high quality glass marbles.

Quercetti Super Marble Run - 224 Pieces

Quercetti Super Marble Run Vortis is good to compare with some of the cheaper marble runs. This Quercetti Super Marble Run includes 224 Pieces. As we know that Quercetti is the reputed platform for building long lasting, sturdy products. It is designed for age rating of 8+ years

As Quercetti Super Marble Run includes many different pieces, it will make your child to thinks over how too use and which to use for making perfect marble run track. So, you children will be thrilled for hours as they experiment with new runs as well as watch the marbles race down the track.

Normally, when parent are going to buy marble run toys for their children usually they are concerns about the stability of marble runs; however, when they choose Quercetti Super Marble Run set as its is sturdy and plays key role in growth of their child.  Quercetti make a point of keeping the quality high by manufacturing their products in Italy. It’s strong locking mechanisms lets users feel that it is ‘just right’ compared to cheaper options where the other marble pieces feel brittle or baggy when locked together. This is the main reason why it is widely acceptable in parents.

So, buy marble run toys for your child and help them to increase thinking power as well as get more fun with it.