A Brave Fight For The Baby Size Bed Bugs

09/03/2013 05:16

Bed bugs are a real time botheration. They are not only irritating but also harmful for individuals’ daily existence. They come with such silent steps that it is even difficult to realize that they have infested the bedding. It is only when one wakes up with bed bug bites can one realized that the harm is already done. It is important that one should prevent their free entry into one’s peaceful sleep. Choosing the right mattress cover is essential to control their power of infestation. One should go for a market hunting expedition to choose that perfect mattress cover that shall put a stop to the bed bug’s infestation. Bed bugs as the name clearly suggest, are those who have a tendency to call the bed, their own. Therefore, there should be a tough battle to obstruct their step on the bed. The design, the fabric and the closure of the mattress covers are some of the important factors that should be taken into consideration prior to the purchase of the bed bug proof mattress covers.


Since bed bugs do not have wings to fly, they are generally carried from one place to another. This is the only way how bed bugs find their home .From infested furniture which has been brought into the house to infested luggage from a hotel or motel or through clothes which has been the home to these bugs etc. With the increase of numbers these bed bugs travel form one room to another. Although they are not known to transmit diseases yet those who live in a bed bug infested apartment are known to suffer from stress, insomnia and anxiety. They generally hide in the cracks and crevices of the bed. The question that arises is that how to control them so that these reddish brown, fat bugs do not hinder one’s sound sleep?


Bed bug mattress covers help in protecting the bed round the clock. From queen size mattress covers for bed bugs to the king size counterpart, there are sizes of every kind which has the potential to fit into the bed. It is the owner who has to make the choice. The mattress cover should be the one which is in tune with the size of the bed itself. If one wants to save one’s body along with that of the family members then it is essential to hurry and pick up one of these bed bug mattress covers without any further delay. It is also important to remove clutter as these bugs tend to hide in small nooks and corners of cluttered atmosphere. Listed below are some of the features that these bed bug mattress covers possess:


  • The mattress covers prevents the occurrence of allergies and infestations from bed bugs.

  • Provides protection from bio-fluids contamination, mold, bacteria, dust mites and bed  bugs( of course)

  • Helps in the protection of beds from spills as well

  • The lock zipper system provides additional protection

  • The lining and the fabric used helps in preventing bed bug infestation

  • Needs to be washed in washed in machine

  • It is fire retardant


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