Using Laser Stretch Marks Treatment For Permanent Relief

09/12/2015 17:35

Using Laser Stretch Marks Treatment For Permanent Relief

Also defined as striae, stretch marks are some major forms of skin scarring, as related to obesity, pregnancy, puberty and even some short term weight gain problems, as an after effect of body building and other forms of physical activities. These marks are mainly formed when the middle skin layer is stretched out more than the skin can tolerate. This middle layer is known for maintaining shape and elasticity. The marks are not quite attractive and better to be removed. If you want to do so, wait no further and start looking for the best treatments, offered by experienced doctors. Creams and oils are available to use, but the results are not that effective.

Connective fibers in these middle layers tend to break off, which disrupt the present collagen formation and production. This result is scar formation. Opt for the stretch mark removal procedure, used for treating these marks from within. If you are not much into the cream application, as it takes time, opt for the other chemical peels and laser treatment for help. Most common patients are pregnant women, who start getting these marks just after the babies are born. Pregnancy and stretch marks are known to go hand in hand. Therefore, treating these marks as soon as possible is important.

Depending on the type of stretch marks form on top of your skin layer, the services are likely to vary a lot. For example, if the stretch marks are extremely old, then the simple use of cream might not help. On the other hand, if you can apply the same creams from the first time you see stretch mark formation, then magical results might happen to take place. Before going for the stretch marks treatment, you need to know the causes behind the formation.  The areas, where these marks are formed, are buttocks, thighs, arms, and hips, lower back and abdominal areas.

Stretch marks are mainly common post pregnancy. Apart from the stomach areas, stretch marks are also formed on abdomen, legs, hips and in some other parts of the body. The skin starts expanding with during pregnancy and stretches to a particular limit. It causes tiny tears of supporting skin layers. These tears are defined as stretch marks and must be treated with pregnancy stretch marks laser treatment. These laser treatments are important for removing old marks, where other creams and chemical peels might have failed to show their magical work. Laser tzreatment is always the last option.

During this present laser procedure, a light beam is used to remove the thin skin layers of skin around stretch marks, offering an even skin tone. Instead of cutting or burning the affected parts, this light disrupts the entire molecular bonds in skin tissue. It nearly causes the tissue to disintegrate, and the procedure is termed as ablation. Once this stretch mark removal technique gets over, the area will be treated quite quickly. You will also start checking out new layers of skin and their formation. Stretch marks will disappear and renewed, and a healthy skin tone will glow.