Selection Of Compelling Topics For High School Debate Competition

09/10/2012 11:51

Selection Of Compelling Topics For High School Debate Competition

There is no dearth of compelling topics to debate about for high school kids. If there is a cultural comity in the school, it is a challenging task to find out different topics to debate about for high school. It is a fact that, when a school quite often organizes a debate competition, it is not that easy to find topics, which will make young pupils interested. But still, there are enough ways to make a debate competition full of spirit. In the school, there are always some students, who have immense admiration for this extracurricular activity. A school should make up a debate organization committee to see all these matters. Though it is not always possible to find topics to debate about for high school, a debate organizer can add a twist by introducing different norms in the competition. For example, a group of students can be given a general topic, on the basis of which the competition will be held. If the general subject is the current situation of the world economy, a debate controller can give topics on the basis of this theme in accordance to his choice. This system will add a surprise element in the competition.

If a debate organizer only looks for topics to debate about for high school, he should also pay close attention to the other different things too.


For example, if there is no surprise element in the competition, the students will shortly find the whole thing boring. A teacher can discuss different topics to debate about for high school, with his students so that they can suggest some fascinating topics also.  A teacher needs to make his students interested in joining such competitions. When a student joins such a competition, he has to indulge in lots of hard work, as well as, pressure. A debate session can enrich the students, as well as, make them prepare for the presenting different ideas in a precise manner. When a person can present his ideas in a confident manner, it is a marvellous thing for him in the world outside the school also. When he would be, in future, facing an interview, this skill will help him a lot.


Organizing debate competition frequently can benefit the students greatly. If the cultural committee has a separate wing for organizing debate competitions, it will be beneficial for everyone. People of this committee can independently operate their activities. Both teachers and students should constitute the members of the debating committee. When both parties participate in a single mission, it is evident that the outcome will be positive. Selectors of topics to debate about for high school should concentrate on the current issues too, as they are prominent topics for debate and discussion. A brain storm idea copy should be maintained, where everybody can give their own ideas for the upcoming debate competition. The selected topics must be compatible with the class and age group. It is better to leave out highly controversial topics, and pick out more neutral ones.