Pregnancy in Singapore

17/10/2012 11:34

What are the things you should prepare for when having your pregnancy in Singapore? Unlike in other countries, Singapore has a lot of establishments and facilities that are focused on antenatal and postnatal care, and these ensure you a safe and comfortable journey towards childbirth. It is downright important that you look at the antenatal services found in the country so that you know the things to get ready for until you finally give birth.

When it comes to pregnancy in Singapore, one of the best services to look at would be the 3D and 4D ultrasound services. In 3D ultrasound, you get to see a more solid image of your baby from inside the womb. You can also keep track of its developments, as you can see its features forming during each session.

A 4D ultrasound imaging meanwhile makes things more exciting for expecting parents. This is because they not only get an image of their baby; they also see the baby’s movements and emotions even if he isn’t born yet.

Pregnancy in Singapore also values comfortable childbirth. This is essential for mothers who want to undergo painless labor, as it would be easier for them to cope from the stress of childbirth as compared to normal delivery. Expecting mothers have the option to take water birthing, or Lamaze delivery, as well as the more common C-section delivery, depending on their preferences.

Another important aspect when it comes to pregnancy in Singapore would be the focus on pre and post-partum depression. An underrated facet of motherhood, pregnancy can cause a lot of stress and anxiety for a woman, as for the next nine months she will be plagued by hormonal issues that take a heavy toll on her emotions. Pregnant women in Singapore are recommended to undergo counseling both during and after their pregnancy, so that they won’t suffer from different forms of depression and be able to prepare themselves emotionally once the baby arrives.

There is also another significant facet regarding pregnancy in Singapore, and that would be abortion. Abortion is common in the country, and women who have decided that they want to abort their pregnancy are allowed to undergo the procedure. This is as long as they have undergone pre-abortion counseling and are fit to decide on their own.

Meanwhile, couples who are looking towards better chances of conceiving may want to check out offers that deal with pregnancy in Singapore. There are establishments that provide genetic counseling services, as well as comprehensive pre-conception assessments and intrauterine insemination, which couples could get in order to boost their potential of having a baby of their own. With this opportunities present, couples are able to form and start a family of their own with more certainty.


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