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31/03/2013 19:47

Serve Crepes-The Best And Quick Dessert Recipe To Cook

Crepe has the ability to make itself a satisfying and light dessert or you can also consider it in main course depending on how madly you love to have it. It is always possible to create a plate of crepes that would serve any occasion. The most interesting part of crepes is its flexibility in fillings and the variety you can experiment upon it.

Some prefer simple sugar, some chocolate, cheese fruits or vegetable. Simply go for the one that makes you crazy enough. Unless you experiment upon the filling, you won’t be able to come across the crepe that challenges your taste buds. 

If you have prior experience of making deserts than it won’t be at all problematic to makes delicious crepes. However it’s not a herculean task for starters too. You just need to follow some basic tips while making it and you are done. The entire process to make crepes is very simple.


Firstly you need to collect all the ingredients that you would need to prepare the dessert. This includes flour, sugar, eggs and a cup of milk. Then mix 1 cup of flour in a bowl shaped container, add a pinch of salt to taste around 1/8 table spoon. Then add 2 eggs and a cup of milk and mix all the ingredients well to make a batter.


The consistency of the batter is very important. Make the batter bit watery so that it will be easier to spread upon the pan. Then spread the batter over a preheated pan. If you think that your batter is tight enough to spread over the pan, then to increase the consistency of the batter you can add some more milk to it.


It is very important to place the batter over a preheated pan. This is the secret of delicious crepes. It is very important to note down that you should use a non stick pan and not an ordinary one. You can also add ½ table spoon of cooking oil preferably sunflower oil to ensure that the crepe retains its moisture in the entire cooking process.


Pour in the batter in such a way that it covers the entire bottom of the pan. The simplest way to do it is swirling the pan until the bottom is fully coated.


Crepes usually do not take much time to cook. It gets ready quickly and is a good option to serve as a dessert when you have to welcome sudden guests. It depends on your personal preference how longer you want to cook it. 30 sec is enough to make crepes is it is placed in a well heated pan. However if you want darker, you can keep it for some time. 


It is necessary to flip the crepes half way by a spatula all along the cooking time to ensure that it is well cooked from both sides. Enjoy the mouth watering delicious crepes at your home. Children’s just love them and who knows you can also get addicted to it.


The entire process to make crepes is very simple.


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