Give Your Turmoil Mind Some Peace With Music Therapy

23/02/2013 17:02

There are many people who find it hard to deal with their emotions and have no peace in their mind and their hearts are filled with turmoil each and every day. It is always hard to deal with troubling emotions and mental problems. Music is used for thousands of years to cure body, mind and soul to attain mental stability and peace.


The first instance of music giving peace is given in the bible. Israel king Saul was troubled and the situation that troubled him is given in the bible in various examples. David, the shepherd boy who used to play harp actually gave king the peace of mind. To soothe the king David was brought to the king’s court to play the harp. It was only when he used to play harp the king could sleep. Thus we can conclude that it was the soothing music that gave mental peace to the king. The effect of musicians on emotions is intense. Anyone dealing with mental rush and instability can consider music healing an effective solution. Scientifically it is proved that music helps one to attain peace of mind and body. From the moment a baby takes birth soothing sound of music reminds them of their mother’s heart beat and the amniotic movement of fluid. Infants have a tendency to feel relaxed when they hear to soothing music and it has a powerful effect on us as we age up.

There are numerous benefits of music, thus healing with music is the best alternative of medication. Music relives the soul and removes mind from the troubles taking to a different stage of basking comfort. The melodies and the lyrics is the magic that does so. It is an easy way to escape from the reality and music relaxes the stressed out body and mind. The medical benefits include that your heart will beat with the music improving the blood circulation for healing purpose. The amazing properties of music can be felt, the way you feel when you listen to music. When you are listening to heavy music like metal you heart will beat faster and everything seems to speed up. While you are listening to soft music like techno, you will find that the entire world around you would fade up helping you attain more focus and improve your concentration. When you go for the classical music especially with the progression of chord, you mind opens up automatically and you can think freely. So there is no way you can ignore that it has no effect on your mental status. Healing with music is the best alternate way of treatment or therapy along with proper medications for those who are fighting with mental and learning disabilities. It has a powerful effect on blood pressure, helps your heart to pump more blood when necessary and can relieve you from lower back pain, lower the dependency on anti depressants drugs that has considerable side effects, help to improve cognitive and deal with daily fatigue.


There are some famous albums out in the market that has proved healing properties. Music for reiki is one of such. Thus help yourself to attain the ultimate serenity of soul and mental peace that you always dreamt off with healing music.