Freshkid Review

11/04/2013 18:42

All about Dough the Freshkid Review


According to control, DTFK (Dough the Freshkid) is 26 decades of age and initially created in Grettle, In. Shifted to Los Angeles when he was much young after his mom and father separated which was a challenging conversion for him.


Dough the clean kid, we do not even know who this guy, maybe that is because we do not reside in New You are able to where “it all happens” but still this guy is new to me. What a name though, Money the clean kid.


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Look all we say is this. Its clean. To be sincere I was doubtful of this record at first, we believed listen to is another common artist who raps about “niggas, whores and money” yadayada, but this guy does that with design. A unusual design that is seen by tale tellers like Lupe problems and Nas.


Rapping- (10/10) The people raps like he’s seen it all.


Lyrics- (8/10)-Its how he says it not what he says


In a 600- Excellent songs to generate to, looking out at the town lighting. Rappings sleek and places you in his globe.


The hip hop we use to know, a one complete of concerns, solutions and opinions that provides you with a pay attention of a life-time.


He was reared by his mom from there out and reinforced by friends and other close relatives. Increasing up in Southern Main Florida wasn't a simple process for any kid becoming an adult during those times. However, DTFK was able to use activities and songs as his evade from the severe truth he was experienced with daily.


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