Bunch Of Wishes For Christmas Frequently Made By People

18/10/2012 04:02

Christmas day is one of the most celebrated occasions. No matter one is a kid or an adult gets excited in his own way, when December is about to come. It is also a fact that, different people throughout the world experience different kinds of Christmas. Some people get to see ice wrapped white Christmas, and they also decorate their house beautifully. People who are inhabitants of the tropical regions do not experience an ice fall, but they also celebrate the festival with extraordinary pomp. For some people, Christmas means a day together with family. For others, it is a day to be with friends, and having lots of fun. Christmas is also the month of wishes and fulfilment. Most of the children grow up with their wishes for Christmas written in a small piece of paper and put it into a sock. The Santa is none other than the parents themselves. When a person grows up, he knows there is nothing called Santa in reality, but still he has lots of wishes during the last month of the year. People have uncountable wishes for Christmas, and they hope their wishes come true by the grace of God, during the festive session of December.


Money comes first in the list of wishes for Christmas. Though it sounds quite selfish and greedy, but there are people too, who are in extreme need of money. Money can resolve many problems of their lives. It is true that, rich people crave for more money. But for an ordinary person, having some extra money can make their lives a bit comfortable. A person can buy a house, or get an operation done. A person of exceptional merit can go further in her further education. Meeting the needs of a family require quite a appreciable amount of money. If a person has enough money, he can go abroad, and experience the beauty and charm of the places about which they have only heard. Most of the people in the world do not get to eat properly, and die out of hunger. For such a person, praying for money is not greedy.


Other than money, different material property remains in a significant position, in wishes for Christmas. Most of people want to have their own houses, own a nice car. Buying latest gadget or a branded cloth are also popular wishes. People who want such things is not necessarily selfish or avaricious. They may be in serious needs of such things. Good health wish for family, friends and the person herself is a well desired wish in the list of wishes for Christmas. If one is blessed with robust health and body, he cannot imagine the miseries of the other people, suffering from other diseases too. A fit body and mind can save a person from lots of miseries, as well as, money. Wishing for a loving and understanding partner has an eminent place in the Christmas wish list. Everybody wants this delightful gift of having a life partner.